• Adrian Miller

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom and I'm Not Talking About Cars!

(Remember when Zoom was a Mazda commercial? Sure you do:

It seems like most everyone should know this stuff by now, but, apparently, it’s not so.

Here are 5 things that you should / MUST do if you care about the impression you’re making on your Zoom calls:

Pay attention. For the love of G-d please don’t have your head down for most of the call, look at another screen, do your laundry (don’t ask), eat (ugh!), or simply zone out so when you are called on, you have no clue what’s happening.

How do you look on screen? There’s no point on joining the call if we can’t see you because you are sitting in the dark. Position yourself so there is light in front of you. Also, make certain that we can see your entire face and not just your forehead and hairline. Raise or lower your chair, prop up your device, or do whatever it takes to position yourself in the middle of the screen.

Be conscious of whether or not you are muted. There are some calls where being muted is SOP, while other calls require interaction. In every situation, be aware of your settings and whether or not you are muted, and know that you must unmute yourself if you want or need to speak!

Follow the “chat guidelines” for the call. Just like being muted or not, some calls promote active use of the chat, while other calls suggest that chatting during the call or presentation is akin to interrupting an in-person meeting. It’s easy enough to figure out the “culture” of the call and if you’re uncertain, ask the moderator or leader.

Your background counts. Even though you are working from home you should attempt to have a professional background. It doesn’t have to look like a Board Room but your setting shouldn’t undermine your professionalism.

We’ve been “zooming” for almost a year, and it looks like virtual meetings may become a permanent part of how we do business. There are many positives, but ONLY if you do it correctly. It’s most safe to present yourself at a Zoom meeting just as if you are in-person but with one main difference - shoes are optional!

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