Your Facial Expression Will Always Give You Away

"We are not leaving the restaurant yet. I'm not done with my spanakopita."

"What, leave? We just got here and I love Greek food."

"No way I'm going without doing a little more flirting with the waiter."

What does your facial expression reveal? The other day when I was on a Zoom a colleague sent me a text telling me I needed to alter my expression because I was giving off "bad vibes."

Not a good thing, huh. Not the message, but the fact that he was able to read me so quickly; indeed, negative thoughts were going through my brain. I should have been more adept at keeping them off of my face.

She's not old enough to keep her thoughts from being plastered on her face. I should be, at least if I don't want to alienate folks.

Perhaps, I just need to sing some Lady Gaga.

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