• Adrian Miller

You Must Be Confident

Confidence is essential to your success. Of course, you knew that already. But do you know how to be confident? It’s a weird question, because you’ve probably never been asked so...blatantly. But really: do you know how to become confident? Do you know the raw ingredients that combine to become confidence? Do you know how to generate it? Do you know where to look for it when it’s missing?

My guess is that these questions, despite their strangeness, aren’t inspiring a lot of clear answers from you. This isn’t your fault and I’m not saying that you lack confidence, or that your confidence is inauthentic. I’m simply saying that it’s pretty odd that something so vital to your sales success – confidence – is not more clearly understood and, indeed, controlled. Weird, huh?

Stop catching faint glimpses, out of the corner of your eye, of this thing called “confidence.” This isn’t really helping you, because until you know where to find confidence and how to generate it, you’re always going to have a deeply buried (or maybe not so buried) fear that it won’t be there when you need it. And so you may even express a degree of over-confidence, which is just an attempt to compensate for the insecurity; an insecurity that you don’t, at all, deserve to experience. So: where does your confidence truly come from? You may think that it comes from your competition: either being worse than you, or better. No. Your confidence comes from you and what you add to the sales experience. It comes from the value that you add; not by default, but by skilled,focused effort and understanding. From now on do this:

Confidently communicate a personality and a promise to your prospects and customers.

Confidently and consistently serve as a point of differentiation.

Confidently establish your reputation as an industry expert.

It may take a little time; that’s fine. Start now. Do these three seemingly simple things, and confidence will become your constant companion.

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