You Get ALL Of Your Business From Referrals? AWESOME!

All from referrals? Wow, that’s really awesome. It’s a great thing. Still, let me throw out the following for your consideration:

Could you do even better if you engaged in just a wee bit of marketing or lead generation? (You don’t need to do better? Ok, I hear you. That’s impressive.)

Would you like to be more in control of your flow of business? Referrals are awesome, but you are basically waiting for them to come your way – aka being reactive – not exactly the best way to grow your business.

Is it possible that some of your referral sources might dry up by either retiring, changing jobs or careers, going out of business or hooking up with another business resource and splitting their referrals with them?

Think about it and if decide that being more proactive in your marketing and sales is for you, then reach out and connect. In the meantime, congratulations on your flow of referrals. It's really impressive.

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