You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club

That advice comes from John Griffith Chaney (1876 – 1916), whose nom de plume was Jack London, an American novelist, journalist and social activist who wrote 50 books in 18 years, the most famous being The Call of the Wild and White Fang.

You need an advantage, however, inspiration is just the start.

You may not be writing books, but as a business person you need to corral that inspiration, fill it full of ambition, and top it off with sweat-equity.

“I don’t need inspiration. I need a deadline.” (attributed to) Duke Ellington

You can wait for the universe to deliver customers, or you can go get them. My business point of view is that of a subsistence farmer – if I want to eat I must go out and plow the fields. The more inspired I am, the better my garden grows. Ambition? I like to eat. Sweat. What’s the alternative?

What’s your advantage?

Not suggesting that you beat your prospects into submission with your ugly stick, or that it in any way would be effective. Rather, suggesting that you stop them in their tracks with stunning examples of your brilliance – your compelling competitive differentiation, as communicated through your website, your content, your sales plan.

I am also suggesting that it is time for a reset, to revisit what you had and bring it to the next level. That requires perspective and a track record.

We can help.

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