Yes, There Are Three Giraffes

I'm always flummoxed when a solopreneur or a small company says they can "do it all," and by that I mean they mention they do everything "in-house."

The individual that does graphic design is also a writer and a strategist.

The writer can do web development and design a nifty one-sheet.

You probably get my point.

At the 3-Giraffes, we are very clear about which member of our team takes on what aspect of the projects we're working on.

For instance, if you ever hear me say that I will design your website you should run for the hills. Conversely, our most talented designer will hand off content development to myself or Scott.

We know our strengths, and when there are aspects of the project that are outside of our respective "sweet-spots" we have a host of trusted resources that we bring in do what they do best.

Personally, I think it works best that way.

Talk to us about what you need and we will create the best team for your project. Just remember, don't ask me about that website design.

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