• Scott Hornstein

Write and Roll

Content is king. And the universe will present me with new business (some will arrive bearing gifts).

Truth is, without a robust sales strategy behind marketing, content is just a pile of words on a page. A rock without a roll.

Let’s talk about marketing and content, and I will ask my partner, Adrian, to comment on sales, which is her milieu.

Content is a lot more then sentences nicely stitched together. Content exists, as a marketing tool, to bring meaningful insight to the reader, and it is only the reader that gets to say what is “meaningful insight”. It’s there to help a prospect to an epiphany, a customer to satisfaction.

Business writing should borrow a page from stories, because people understand that, they relax into a story well-told. People naturally gravitate to a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. You don’t need big words and long, complicated sentences, but you do need to tell a story.

What even makes it better is if you tell them, right at the beginning, maybe even in the headline, the reason why they should read this. So if you start of your blog post, “It was a dark and stormy night”, they may be intrigued, but likely they won’t read more.

But if your blog post starts with something like, “I’d like to share some things I’ve learned that have seriously improved prospecting results for my clients,” boom. WIIFM. That’s the recipe for getting someone to read till the end - the promise of satisfaction. Do that a few times and you’re creating a sense of executive preference, or a halo that appears when next you encounter this prospect.

Content has to “earn the right to read”. Talk plainly and tell the truth. People run out of patience – it’s not a debate. You need to put in subheads that tell a story by themselves – if you only read the subheads, you’d be intrigued to read the article. We live in a world of fractured attention span. Use every trick you can.

At the end, you need to tell the reader what to do with the wisdom they have gained. Consider directing them to a selection of the next-step content.

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