When Did Following Up Go Out of Style?

When did following up go out of style? My point, if you engage in networking efforts (online and once-upon a time offline, too), do any sort of business prospecting, make contacts and connections and don’t follow-up, you may as well have stayed home, taught your kid to ride a two-wheeler, read a good book, make chili or simply done any of the other things you might like to do instead of “wasting your time” in these other pursuits.

That is unless you expect someone to sign on the proverbial dotted line the very first time they make your acquaintance. And ya know what, good luck with that.

Follow-up is an art that is not simply a cause for you to “check in” or “touch base.” After those types of outreach attempts, I content that you should add value to the relationship even before there is a “real” relationship.

Make a proactive introduction, invite them to an event (probably Zoom in this day and age and even if you can’t attend yourself) or share valuable information.

This strategy works exceptionally well and has proven to expand relationships beyond just that name you have tucked away in your CRM.

Don’t collect names and cards; create relationships and add value. With that being said, anyone wanna talk?

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