What's So Great About Sales?

You want to know what’s great about sales? It’s quantifiable.

You made your numbers or you didn’t.

Your sales funnel has enough prospects or it doesn’t.

You reached your desired sales revenues or not.

That’s it. Numbers.

Truth—-I’m not a numbers person but for my sales endeavors you better believe I know where I’m at.

You MUST know where you are in order to:

  • Develop a game plan to move forward

  • Know just how much of a push you need to exert

  • Have a handle on your cash flow and all that entails

And beware of the frequent advice to cut costs when things aren’t going as well as they should. Of course that strategy may be in order but the REAL strategy must also include BUILDING your business.

Get more clients.

Develop awesome products and services.

Provide value every step of the way.

Create exquisite processes and deploy finely tuned sales competencies.

I love everything about selling and when it all goes right the end result is the best feeling in the world.

Then, we celebrate!

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