Welcome to the Thunderdome.

Welcome to the thunderdome.

That’s how I’m feeling as I contemplate a slow return to some activities that I used to take for granted.

The gym




Why does this all seem so scary?

Cuz, quite frankly it is.

Day in, day out the media reports on stories of some positive gain, but then quickly matched by stories of spikes and illness.

It’s difficult to know what to do and I’m not really feeling the Mad Max thing, ya know.

So here’s my plan and it’s the same kind of plan I use in precarious business situations, too:

I’m going to carefully weigh my options and investigate the pros and cons.

I’m going to be decisive once my evaluation is complete. Indecision is not my strong suit.

It shouldn’t be yours either.

I’m going to check in with people wiser than I and not pretend I’m the smartest girl in the room.

Get ready. It’s a brave new world, Max.

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