Valuable Sales Tips From a Baby (1)

I love the way my baby granddaughter evaluates her toys.

She picks them up carefully, puts them right up to her face, takes a sniff, shakes them, and then automatically and always, puts them in her mouth.

This full-on inspection applies to pretty much every new item and she’s awfully methodical about it.

I think salespeople and business owners should follow her lead!

Many salespeople are excited by the next bright shiny prospect that comes their way, and with dreams of sales success they start to woo them fervently without doing the proper and much needed due diligence.

They don’t need to sniff or put them in their mouth but they do need to:

  • Research the company thoroughly

  • Ask insightful probing questions

  • Assess the opportunity in terms of how it aligns with their products or services, short and long-term revenue

  • Consider the impact on other work being executed

Only after a positive outcome from this assessment should the prospective sales opportunity be taken on because only by doing this can you be better assured the project won’t backfire.

Sometimes you have to say no.

It’s clear that not every toy looks, feels or tastes to her liking. We should all be as discerning.

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