Use The 5 P’s To Help You Win More New Business

Winning new business at a time when your competition can be found across the globe just as easily as across the street requires you to deploy finely honed sales skills and to do so consistently.

In my 32 years doing sales strategy consulting and training I’ve come to recognize that it all boils down to the 5 P’s and when done effectively and, yes, consistently, you should recognize increased sales success.

The 5 P’s are:


Being proactive means that you “make” opportunities rather than sitting back and waiting for the opportunities to come to you. Proactivity is a sure-fire way to gain control of your sales destiny and will help to avoid the much-dreaded obstacle best known as “peaks and valleys” encountered by salespeople when they are reactive.


Regardless of the inherent value of your services or products, potential clients must be persuaded to buy your products or services. You must set forth your key benefits, the improvements these benefits will make in your prospect’s situation and use these points of improvement to persuade them to avail themself of what you have to offer. They’re not interested in what you do, but rather how it is going to help them! It is essential that you are marketing and selling to the right target market or even the very best marketing and sales strategies will not be effective.


Staying on the radar screen and making certain that your prospects don’t forget about you is paramount to success. Many sales reps have the misconception that if they pitch their business once, they’re good to go and the prospect will remember them months or perhaps even years later. It’s not true. Everyone is busy and while you are losing visibility, your competition may be taking your place. Be “high touch,” “low pressure” and add value to the relationship even before there is a “real” relationship. By staying on the grid you have a much better chance of winning the business.


Business development is tough work and you may come across sales reps that utilize unscrupulous methods to win new business. If you want to be in the game for the long haul and do so with a pristine and untarnished reputation, it’s best to remain professional throughout the sales process. Honesty and fairness are qualities that cannot be underestimated and any deviation can ruin your personal and business brand for a very long time.


Remaining pleasant and personable is integral to your long-term success. Remember that the sale you lost today can turn into a new piece of business if and when the prospect’s business needs change, or their current business resource doesn’t do a good job. No one wants to do business with or refer anyone that’s disagreeable no matter what the situation. Do a self-assessment and make certain that you are always cordial, responsive, honest and helpful.

It seems simple, doesn’t it, however, there are salespeople and business owners too that overlook the critical importance of these “P’s.” Pay attention to them and watch your business grow.

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