Too Much Zooming

Glazed eyes.

A sudden need to shake hands (not a virtual handshake).

Shoulders that ache and a head that hangs.

You KNOW exactly what I mean.

Covid has made us Zoombies and it's not good for business.

I encourage you to:

  • Pick up the phone and call someone (no screens allowed)

  • Take a socially distanced walk with a business contact

  • Allow for some "gap time" between Zooms

  • Use time blocking to schedule your Zooms

  • Say "no" to Zooms that can just as easily be a regular call

Many folks don't want to acknowledge Zoom burn-out, but, I for one have no such problem.

So, let's talk. Give me a call at 516-445-1135 to discuss your business and how we might be of assistance.

Let's hold off on the Zooms for now.

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