• Adrian Miller

Tired of Being Bored, Uninspired, or Uninformed? Yeah, Me Too.

Social media posts, blogs on every website and then repurposed on social media, podcasts galore, and newsletters on every topic, round out the veritable onslaught of content to read, listen to, and watch.

Some of it is awesome, some, not so much, and while I’m not thinking that everything that one puts “out there” is worthy of a cover story in the New York Times business section, I still believe that there needs to be value.

Did you:

  • Learn something new? Fabulous!

  • Laugh out loud and share the link so that others would be amused as well? Perfect.

  • Feel enthusiastic and energized by what you read? Also, perfect.

There’s so much good material that it only makes sense to carefully curate what you consume.

Listen to a podcast 2 -3 times and if it doesn’t grab your interest, move on.

If you read a blog or newsletter and find that you’re not interested, then unsubscribe and save your inbox.

Be selective on social media and take care that your attention to the various platforms isn’t a terrible time suck.

Just because it is “out there” doesn’t mean you need to take your time listening or reading it. Time is a precious commodity so be careful how you spend yours.

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