• Adrian Miller

Tiny Tips to Thrill Your Prospective Clients and Ultimately Win More Business

A brief PSA from me, your potential client:

I’m not ignorant, however, I’m not an IT whiz, banker or lawyer. Use verbiage I can understand and don’t sound disparaging like you are “dumbing it down” just for me. Trust me, I’ll never become your client if your main goal is to intimidate me.

Please be honest. If you can’t deliver something by a certain date, don’t fib and tell me you can. Wait, didn’t we all learn “honesty is the best policy?” When did that go out of vogue?

It really isn’t all about you. Before telling me about the features of your product or service, it might be wise to ask me some questions so you can be certain to speak about things that have relevance to MY situation. And by the way, features tell, benefits sell. Ditch the features. I don’t care what your “thing” does, I care about what improvements it can do for me!

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