The Prospect Says, "I MUST Have This." Now What?

The goals of good marketing include:

  • Educate and inform potential buyers about your product or service;

  • Apprise them of the benefits;

  • Establish and build credibility;

  • Prompt them to buy.

Most of the time and especially if you are a B to B business, your prospects will need to have further dialogue in order to commit and become a client.

That leap from marketing to winning a client is called sales.

Selling is personal. It's a one to one interaction where the prospect becomes more certain of the benefits that apply to their unique situation.

The individuals involved in selling must have sales competencies and understand the tactics and techniques to communicate and persuade their prospects to buy.

In many cases, this requires a lengthy process where the key is to keep the prospect engaged and interested. Often, sales people lose sight of their prospects that require a bit more "wooing."

There's no doubt that effective marketing is a key to building business, however, it is just one key. The others include

  • Having core sales competencies

  • Developing an impactful "touch point" management program

  • Adding value BEFORE the prospect is a client

  • Making prospects believe that they MUST have this product or service

  • Delivering on what you promise

Anything less and you won't get your desired ROT (return on time).

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