The Foundation of Impactful B2B Marketing

Effective marketing is always prerequisite for accomplishing your sales goals. Here are 7 insights that I’ve learned through the process of failure and success that I consider essential to impactful B2B marketing:

1. You are not the lone ranger. You exist within a corporate ecosystem – reach across the aisle and involve your cohorts. Learn their perspective, their responsibilities, and how you are co-dependent in generating corporate success. Climb out of your silo first and put their collaborative ideas into your go-to-market plan.

2. Develop empathy for your customers and prospects. Your customers and prospects are complicated people, with personal and professional challenges and goals that often intersect or oppose. Craft your positioning to correspond to your competitive differentiation as your customers and prospects might articulate it.

3. Understand how decisions are made. And within corporations, they are never made alone. While you are most certainly dealing with a cross-functional team there is one common thread – they don’t care about your product or service. They only care about what it will do for them.

4. Pay attention to the database. There is no more potent lever for success than the database. The completeness and accuracy of your customers’ and prospects’ contact information, preferences, and purchase history is your most important marketing asset. If you can’t reach them, you can’t market to them.

5. Eat, drink and sleep the data. Establish benchmarks for key metrics and always test against the control. Track the data (what customers do) to what customers say. It’s not an either / or – it’s quantitative and qualitative.

6. Become your own customer. Put your name into your database with a personal email and your home address. Experiencing your marketing as a customer will provide new perspective on what’s connecting and what’s not. While you’re at it, get that same personal email on your competitors’ databases, too.

7. Stay agile, if you see something, do something.

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