The “Can You Do It Any Cheaper?” Client

Some clients like to negotiate cost because it’s a game to them.

I always think why are some customers so quick to chisel people on the cost of their time for services, but are happy to hand over $50 for a meal.

Then there are some types of clients who, even if I told them something is $5, they would still ask to get it for $4.99. These types of clients are never satisfied with the price.

Remember you are worth your time.

Are you providing value for your fees?

I’m sure the answer is yes, I’ve learned to not negotiate and let people know that my services have value and I will provide the best service and the most value possible at my asking fee.

All industries have their budget version. In my business we design and develop marketing and sales material. But marketing and sales are a dime a dozen, so when I come up with a fee for a project, it’s often met with the look of a deer in headlights.

Why? Because that client knows they can get similar service for less. They only see the price tag. It’s my job to fill in the gaps.

If I never met the, how shall I say it . . . the overly thrifty, I would never have had the opportunity to learn the skill of distinguishing between price and value. I’ve learned to meet these types of clients head-on because I know what my skills are worth.

Remember, the “budget” service providers are not your competitors. You cannot compete with the cheap version of yourself, and you shouldn’t attempt to. Your job is to price and perform according to your value. The next time someone attempts to negotiate price, it’s up to you to educate them on the difference between cost and value and to differentiate your services from the “budget” competition.

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