Start Asking Questions

Did you ever ask a sales question (or two) that you’d like to take back & erase from your memory; and everyone else’s too, for that matter.

And even if you haven’t inserted a foot into your mouth, you can certainly think of a dozen awful sales questions to ask. Well, here’s a gem to add to your list of things never to ask: NO QUESTION AT ALL. If it happens, then at least one of these things is going on:

  • You’re not capitalizing on answers to advance the dialogue.

  • You’re not reframing your questions (same question, different context)

  • You’ve made the sale, but aren’t inquiring to find new sales opportunities.

  • You’re hesitating to ask more questions, because you aren’t certain about what to do with the answer and don’t want to open up a can of worms.

  • You’re afraid of making your prospect feel like he or she is being interrogated.

  • You’ve simply forgotten to ask more questions (yes, it happens).

The only way to be an effective salesperson is to develop your ability to probe effectively.

In today’s highly competitive world – one in which companies look alike & sales professionals have difficulty differentiating – you’ll succeed by learning about your prospect’s company, industry and challenges – not just the specifics of the project itself.

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