Sometimes The Words Don't Come, You Know

The other day someone said to me, “Adrian, you’re so lucky, you never seem to have trouble writing.”


Funny thing is, I don’t ALWAYS feel so lucky because sometimes the thoughts and words just seem to allude me. I can stare at a blank screen and nothing, absolutely nothing, comes forth.

It happens to everyone at one point or another so relax. It’s what I tell myself to do, as well.

After so many years creating content for myself and clients, I do have a couple of (almost) fool-proof things that I do to get the creative juices flowing.

Maybe they’ll work for you, too:

Take a Break

I used to force myself to sit there, eyes glued to the computer screen WILLING my thoughts to come but now I do just the opposite. When I feel that old writer’s block coming on, I get up and walk away from my desk. A little fresh air, a bite to eat, a conversation with a friend and I find that when I return to the task at hand the words seem to flow much easier.

Don’t Ponder, Let it Flow

I notice that when I am careful with my sentence structure and am concentrating very hard on the exact placement and spelling of words, I lose whatever momentum I had and get bogged down once again. At the times when writing doesn’t come so easy, I take a "stream of consciousness" approach and just let the words and thoughts come out. I know I can edit and clean it up afterward and I usually wind up with a pretty terrific piece of writing.

Read Something

When I find myself having difficulty writing, I take the time to sit back and read content in newsletters, blogs, and magazines. Reading wonderfully crafted pieces sparks the creative muse in me, and I can almost always return to my computer better able to develop the content I want.

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up. Be patient, it’s going to pass and soon you’ll be better able to create the quality content you expect of yourself.

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