Sometimes I Wonder If I Belong in the Club. Clubhouse, That Is.

I guess you could say I'm still confused. I'm not certain why some of the Clubhouse rooms have thousands of attendees, yet others that seem to have the potential for a lot of substance, have a mere handful.

Sure, I know that if a "big name" is in the room, people will come. (BTW, it's been my experience that the "big name" is often not there for long.)

Still, even with that, there are some topics that always get hundreds of attendees, and I just don't get it especially when you pop in and the value isn't there.

It's trial and error for sure, and the good news is that you can "leave quietly" so that's a huge plus. And yes, some folks have started to build "real" relationships, but pardon me if I seem just a tad cynical.

It seems like the Kool-Aid is very very very tasty:)

So, once more, for those that haven't formed their own strategy, here is mine for the taking:

Be discerning and protect your time. There's a lot of noise about the platform and it is easy to be seduced.

Connect with people on LinkedIn after you engage on Clubhouse because that is where you can forge a tighter connection.

Run your own room. What the heck. See what happens. There's no barrier to entry and the platform provides a forum for you to showcase your subject matter expertise.

Follow the rules. Overt selling on the platform is frowned upon. (I only say this because some folks seem to sell, sell, sell, all of the time:)

Don't expect miracles. Yesterday, someone told me they were very disappointed in Clubhouse because they thought they'd see a return on their time after a week or two of engaging in various rooms. I can't imagine why that would be the case but well, ya never know.

At the end of the day, my verdict is still out but I will certainly give it a go without losing sight of my goal to make contacts, gather new information, learn things I didn't know before, and uncover ideas that can help me professionally and personally.

I'm just not certain the ROT (return on time) is there.

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