Should I Become More Active On LinkedIn?

Full disclosure - I'm not a LinkedIn consultant but rather a newbie to the power and persuasion offered by this not-so-new platform.

There really shouldn't be much of a discussion. Like it or loathe it, LinkedIn can play a powerful role in your business development activities. It offers an opportunity to initiate connections that can grow into relationships and perhaps "real" business, or at the very least, effective referral sources.

I have fun on the platform. I post every day and usually more than once. I love to see the engagement that is generated by my posts and take the time to reply to comments too. I pay for the Premium plan so that I can actually see who views my profile and can also send a certain amount of direct messages per month to people that I'm not already connected to.

The truth is that I haven't yet moved past the tip of the iceberg because like most sales and marketing endeavors, it takes time.

I won't speak much about my profile but suffice to say that it is a "work in progress" as I know just how important it is.

Sales and marketing take time and you must deploy on multiple fronts. Consider combining LinkedIn with email marketing, strategic networking, targeted PR, public speaking, educational webinars, and should the Post Office survive (!), direct mail.

Start now. 2021 looms close and it is definitely the time to create your sales and marketing plan for the new year.

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