Seven Steps to "Un-Stick" Your Business & Make Your Sales Soar

Step 1: Your Unique value proposition

What is your unique value? What do you do differently than anyone else? Why should prospects consider you in front of any of your competition? What core improvement/s do you provide? Does your value proposition make sense (Ummm, do they WANT what you’re offering)? Most importantly, are you communicating your value proposition coherently and consistently?

Step 2: Raise Your Competitive Intelligence

How much do you know about your competition? Why do you win certain accounts; why do they win others? How do your customers see you compared to your competition? Are the key points of differentiation important to your prospects?

Step 3: What If I Ask Questions & They Get Pissed Off? What If I Don’t Ask Questions & I Make The Wrong Offer?

If you ask the right questions, your prospects will tell you what they need, when they need it, how much they will pay for it and ultimately, why they want it. Don’t fear

questioning. You can’t lose what you don’t have. And it is almost impossible to win business without uncovering their needs, wants and pain.

Step 4: Obstacles Are A Fact Of Life

Few sales are won without encountering a few bumps in the road. Encountering these obstacles doesn’t mean that you won’t ultimately win the business. But in order to win the business you must pay attention to the following:

  • Deploy exquisite listening skills that you are certain that you understand the real objection

  • Do not argue. Do not get aggressive.

  • Feed back the objection to buy time and to confirm that you have it right: “if I understand you correctly, you __________________”

  • Address the objection and carefully re-sell against the obstacle. Provide benefits and value and, if necessary, ask additional probing questions.

  • Gain affirmation that your solution is acceptable.

  • Continue the dialogue and either attempt to close (if you are at a suitable stage in the selling process) or control the dialogue with leading question.

Step 5: How Fast Are You?

No really, how fast are you? Do you return calls and emails in a timely manner? Do you make certain that you are controlling your client’s and prospect’s expectations? (Note: telling them that you will get “right back to them” is a recipe for failure!) We live in the age of “Internet time”. Don’t lose business because you are too slow out of the box.

Step 6: Stay On The Grid

If you fall off the grid during a lengthy sales cycle you have lost any chance of ROT (return on time). Deploy the 3 I’s for exquisite top of mind awareness (information, invitations, introductions)

Step 7: Skimpy Funnel = Declining Revenues

Yep, it’s a bit of a numbers game. A game that you must play well but a numbers game nonetheless. You must have your sales funnel filled with enough prospects in different states of being worked in order to have enough new sales coming through each month. You must be knowledgeable about the likelihood of these prospects closing and the time frame in which you can bring in the business. Without this information you will not know the scope of sales effort that must be deployed.

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