Reflecting on Business Lessons Learned on My Son's Wedding Anniversary

Today is my son and DIL's first anniversary. It was a fairy tale wedding and the memories are precious.

I smile each time I think about the day, which is pretty much every day.

I’m sentimental that way.

But here ya have it, their first year and the world has changed. They've been driven to quarantine in several other locations and shift around like nomads, working remotely, and dealing with a job market that is complicated, to say the least.

But they persevered.

And that’s where the business lessons come in:

Flexibility is key. Be confident enough to pivot with your services and products and trust your gut.

Seek the advice and input of friends, family, and trusted colleagues. Don’t even expect to go it alone.

Love without reservation. Why hold back on something good? Along with your family and friends, shower your clients with attention and make them know they are important.

Practice self-care because you’re no good to anyone if you’re not feeling strong physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I'm going to enjoy this day and I know they will too. As for these business lessons, I follow them rigorously.

How about you?

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