Reclaim Lost Customers

Customers typically don’t “come and go.” It may seem that way, but truthfully, it’s more edgy than this. You either win them, or you lose them. There’s no in-between.

So ask yourself: are you losing customers? Are they drifting out of your range while you fade off their radar? It happens. Sometimes, you can’t significantly influence whether you maintain mindshare and influence. However, you can take active steps to reclaim lost customers. Start with these:

  • Analyze why the customer was lost. Think about the history of the account. When, where and how did things change?

  • Gather analytical data and attempt to schedule a meeting. If/when you get it, without being pushy, clearly convey that you’ve invested significant time to solve the situation and have found insightful, profitable information; information that you want to share.

Should you be successful at getting a second chance, make certain that you have program review meetings on a regular basis so you can head off any potential problems before they arise.

Now, if you happen to lose your biggest account, then what you’re dealing with here can also be destructive emotionally, as well as financially. Hopefully, though, you’ve retained enough business to stay afloat – and learned the painful lesson to avoid allocating your business tied to just one or two accounts. It’s time for you to start engaging in aggressive prospecting, networking, and cross/up-selling your existing customers (which, hopefully, you still have).

And lastly, here’s something interesting to consider: are you certain that you want to win the customer back? Sometimes losing a customer is a positive thing, such as when the relationship is no longer profitable, the work no longer fits your business model, the customer is abusive, and so on.

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