• Adrian Miller

Q2, the Search for New Business AND a Special Offer

When you think about business development, Q2 is where it’s at and here’s why:

Q1: Prospects are still finalizing their plans for the year ahead, and your attempt to win their business may get the quintessential blow-off, “we’re not ready yet.”

Q3: They' say, "it’s summer and everyone is trying to take some days off and enjoy the season."

Q4: And, my favorite, "heck, it’s the holidays and we can’t start anything new."

So that leaves you with Q2, the sweetest selling month of all.

We’d like to help you sell more this quarter and make this your best-selling quarter ever.

Here’s our request:

Answer these three questions and send your response to

If you respond by April 30th, the end of the month, you’ll get a free sales assessment.

No tricks.

Here are your questions:

1) What is your most effective sales technique that consistently brings you new business?

2) How many new clients do you bring in per quarter?

3) Did you meet your Q1, 2021 goal?

Simple questions, send them to Adrian and get 15 minutes of free sales consulting. Good news, I talk fast.

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