• Adrian Miller

Pivot or Die? Maybe Not.

In this era of Covid19, we keep hearing a lot about having to pivot in order to keep our businesses going, survive and even thrive.

I hear ya. I’ve had to pivot multiple times in my career and for reasons way less explosive than Covid 19. My pivots have been successful for multiple reasons, not the least of which have been:

1. Moving at that “perfect” pace where I got to ensure POC before making my moves, but still moving fast enough so that it wasn't too late.

2. Making certain I had a client and knew how to get others.

3. Having cheerleaders along the way.

Pivoting can be a good thing but it can result in being a dismal failure if you don't approach it correctly. And remember, make sure people want what you have, you know where to find them, and you also have the skills to market and sell to them.

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