Personal Branding at It's Best

So, to start she has a great hashtag, #ImWithShaw, but there is so much more.

  • Christina Shaw owns an Allstate agency and out of approximately 10,000 agencies nationwide, is in the top tier of Allstate producers.

  • She's a single Mom of two young girls and is an ACTIVE participant in their lives, posting regularly about their good times, and some not-so-good times, too.

  • Christina is civic-minded and is a tireless fundraiser and active volunteer for more community-based organizations than I can mention.

  • She's a generous networker and is always looking to make connections between people that she thinks can benefit each other.

  • She's a loving partner to a great guy and that's worth mentioning because when you do everything as Christina seems to do, sometimes it's difficult to be a supportive life-partner with someone else.

Christina's personal branding website gives you a look at the many sides of Christina so you get to know the whole person and not only the corporate version.

I'm a big fan of personal websites where you can tell a more personal story and allow people to see beyond your corporate self.

We'd be happy to help you tell YOUR story and there's no time better than now.

When would you like to get started?

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