One Year Ago

Last year I was in Key West until a few days before the lockdown started.

With little concern that this would be anything that lasted more than a few weeks, I spent my time there as usual, and had just the tiniest of thoughts that what was coming up would be so devastating.

Never masking (who knew?), I diligently used sanitizer wherever I went, but I went everywhere and with throngs of people.

I came back to NY healthy, went into my home office and rarely left until now.

I’m thinking about the lessons I learned, what I should or could have done better or differently. I tried to be a quick learner, but I know I fumbled at points.

And that’s the real point. Sometimes we need to learn, act and react quicker than we ever imagined. I know I’m more nimble and resilient now and am proud of my necessary pivots.

When you look back on 2020, how will you assess yourself actions, resilience, and grit?

What good things did you accomplish?

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