Nope, These Are Not Sales Techniques for a Pandemic - They’re Sales Techniques for All Time!

The current pandemic has slapped many businesses silly. Regardless of the industry, the days of “easy” sales are over. Sales professionals who have forgotten or never learned basic proven selling techniques are now realizing that they better ramp up their efforts if they want to effectively do their job.

Instead of dwelling on what used to be or complaining about the current situation, successful salespeople are going back to the basics of selling. These techniques work and really should have been used even when times weren’t so tough. Now, they’re not only useful, they’re absolutely essential. Here they are:

Show Value

Why should someone choose your product or service over another? More than ever, you need to be able to communicate the value in what you’re selling. No one is going to buy from you just because you’re a nice person. However, they will buy from you if you’ve effectively communicated how you can improve their current situation.

Stay Close

You just can’t expect that clients or prospects will call you. It’s your job as a salesperson to stay in close contact before, during, and after a sale. And, with so many communication tools now available, there simply is no excuse for falling off the grid.

Be Proactive

To be successful, you must be one step ahead of your competition, as well as your customers. There are many ways to accomplish this. Stay on the radar screens of those who are buying from you. Cross-sell, up-sell, and offer any help or assistance that you can provide. Keep current with your industry and what your competitors are doing.

Be Faster

With robust competition and everyone stepping up their marketing efforts, there simply isn’t room for service or response times that are slower than a snail’s pace. If you want to hang on to the business you already have, it’s essential to find every way possible to be as fast as you possibly can.

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