Networking Should Be Part of Your Biz Dev Action Plan

Networking is networking is networking is networking. Except when it’s not.

It’s not networking when you connect and immediately, not 20 seconds in, pitch your product or service.

It’s not networking when you engage in a little networking one-on-one and you have not a single question, nor a single line of talk, about anything other than yourself.

It’s not networking if you’re not being proactive and making opportunities for others rather than waiting for someone to ask you if you know someone for a specific need.

It’s not networking.

In a time when people are talking more and more about the power of networking, it’s best to implement it correctly:

  • Connect regularly

  • Be patient

  • Be an explorer; search for synergies

  • Share openly and proactively

  • Be genuine; BS forbidden

  • Create relationships; strategize

  • Be generous

  • Be diligent in your outreach

  • Be timely in your follow-up

  • Learn to love the process

Where do you network? Is it working for you? Can we assist you in finding a group, developing your pitch, or honing your skills?

And yes, Lin-Manuel, love is love is love is love is love. Apologies for playing on your incredible speech at the Tony’s but it seemed to fit.

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