• Adrian Miller

My Kingdom For An Appointment!

Often, when I’m speaking with sales reps, they’ll tell me that they’re great at closing business, that they have awesome presentation skills, and know how to seal the deal.

When I ask how they feel about their appointment scheduling skills (aka prospecting), they become a bit more subdued.

Fact—there is no closed business, heck, no opportunities to put your fab presentation skills on display, without setting appointments for Zoom or in person meetings to better explain your “stuff” and the benefits of your services or products.

Gently opening the door, stimulating interest and curiosity, generating full-blown enthusiasm for what you have to offer, is an incredible skill to have.

The right verbiage coupled with a genuine ability to “read” the prospect and bond, with just a touch of tenacity - well, that’s the recipe.

Not everyone can do it instinctively, but, the good news is that it can be trained,

Stay tuned for my Power Prospecting Program, coming to salespeople everywhere. Better yet, reach out and ask me about it!

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