• Adrian Miller

Mary, Mary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow?

Disclaimer - it feels pretty darn funny even alluding to gardening because I’m totally useless in that regard. Flowers, vegetables, and herbs too all wither under my tender touch. Really, I suck at it. That being said, I’m pretty darn good at gardening in the old fashioned sales sense of the word and excuse the following played out analogy but one, I fear, is all the more true right this instant: You have to plant seeds to get something to grow. (This is for everyone that has gone silent and has been reported missing on social media, at networking “events” and with value-added outreach to clients, prospects, and referral sources too. You have to water your garden. (Those "touchpoints" have never before been as critical and must be strategic, smart and sensitive. Think of the 3 "I's"!!!!) Some seeds won’t grow well, some will die. (Prospecting is a long game and some prospects don’t develop at all; while some take hold, show some life but will ultimately die along the way.) It’s Spring and even in this most difficult of times, gardening must occur. Plant seeds with patience, perseverance, and take good care of them and come Summer, you might just have something to eat.

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