Making It Look Easy Is a Skill Unto Itself

The athlete that practices hour after hour each day. The author that will spend an entire day to pen just a few paragraphs. The musician that started playing when they were a wee kid, never stopped, and got “sudden” fame at 26. So easy. Most of us work incredibly hard to get proficient at what we do, and continue to hone our skills as we go. We make it sound or look easy BECAUSE of the work we’ve put in. Any innate skills aside, we’ve worked, refined and enhanced what we do because we want to be the best and we continue to do so. Hard work and then more hard work is what makes it easy.

If you're interested in this idea, I suggest you take a look at Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Whether you agree or not, it's a fascinating book about the role of preparation, practice, and hard work contributing to success. Innate talent, sure, but practice plays a bigger role.

So next time you say "they're lucky" when referring to someone's success, or discount how long it took to become tops in his or her profession, think again, and instead say something like, "they must have worked hard for a very long time." I think that's the more accurate statement.

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