Love, Lust or a Good Sales Strategy

"I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"......a great strategy when doing your biz dev activities cuz frankly, with the volume of competition out there, from across the street as well as across the globe, if your clients don't love you, you're toast.

Simple tips to help you show the love:

Be proactive with your ideas and suggestions. Don't wait for them to ask you. If you do, it's too late.

Don't nickel and dime. Be generous with your time and work. (I'm not saying give it away, but generosity helps to win raving fans.)

Do fabulous work, not just work that is "okay." And don't BS yourself; is it really "fabulous?"

Be original. Geez, so many cliches floating out there.

Work hard and show your appreciation for their business. I know that is 2 in 1, but it's fine. You get the idea.

And, watch the YouTube. It's smashing.

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