Losing a Client? Oh My.

Did you ever lose a client? How about pitch your heart out only to not win the account?

Of course you have. It’s a fact of business life.

It’s sad, it sucks, and it can even make us downright mad but it’s part of the game of business so let’s play the game correctly.

1. Do you know why you lost the business or didn’t make it to first base with your proposal? Was there anything you could have done differently?

2. Could you have asked more questions and uncovered salient pieces of information that would have given you the marketing intelligence to go forward differently?

3. Did you go the “extra mile” and try to become an integral part of the client’s team?

4. Was there any sort of personality disconnect?

The most important thing you can do when you lose a client or miss out on a new project is to uncover the reasons why.

Armed with that information you will be better prepared in the future and not undermine your chances for success.

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