• Adrian Miller

Let's talk sales.

Let’s talk sales. Not to worry, it’s a quick blog post. Nothing super ponderous or controversial, just easy stuff you can, should, or could be doing.

Think about these things:

The new year is ticking by (yes, ticking by!) . Where are ya at? How are your goals holding up? Need a wee bit of engineering? Did it suck or are you pretty darn happy with most of it anyway?

Many tend to make aggressive goals at the end of the year, only to turn the page on the calendar and say, "WTF, there's no way that I can do this."

Well, maybe you're right and there really is no way you can do it, but what if there was? What if you could re-engineer HOW you were going about doing it, reach out to resources, get a coach, work smarter, and go about things just a wee bit differently?

Would ya change?

We'd love to have a conversation about where you want to go.

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