Lack of Engagement? How about using visual content?

Over 500 online marketers were polled to see how much visual content was a part of their marketing strategy.

Additionally asked, what types of visuals were working and what types weren’t.

Here’s what was found:

Original Graphics, Such As Infographics, Performed Best

Even though stock photos were used most frequently, original graphics like infographics and illustrations actually performed best, followed by Stock photos, gifs and memes had the lowest engagement rates.

Another point: a higher ratio of visuals engaged readers more, the average time on page was higher and bounce rate was lower.

This is just one example, but it may point to the fact that using more visuals in content is just as important as the type of visuals.

Visual Content Continues To Be a Vital Marketing Strategy

The majority of respondents told us that 80 percent of businesses will rely on visual content as part of their content marketing strategy over the next two years.

Marketers consider visuals to be important for a business’s growth and will continue to be important into the future.

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