I'm Proud. Are You?

When are you proud? For me, it's about accomplishments. Little things (cleaning off my desk!), and big things too (winning a new client, being acknowledged by an award, my sons' promotions {although that's an entirely different type of pride}).

This year, I am proud for some different reasons:

  • Keeping my act together during Covid-induced difficult times

  • Staying the course in my businesses

  • Maintaining close ties with family and friends despite the lack of physical contact

  • Observing safety rules and listening to the science

  • Staying current as the "rules" change

Feeling a sense of pride over things you have control over is the ultimate "rush" for me. Of course, I'm proud of my sons, but their success at work is entirely their own doing and THEY should own that pride.

Taking the credit and being proud of something that someone else has done is, for me, hubris.

Can we help you feel a sense of pride in your business? The 3-Giraffes are rocking and rolling as we move through first quarter and helping our clients achieve their own moments of pride.

We'd love to help you with your marketing, branding, sales, and content needs. Give us a call and let's discuss making you proud.

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