I Love Dormant Accounts

The joy of dormant accounts----ahhh.

The project ends having come to its natural conclusion. They’re nothing left to do at this time and so you bid them goodbye.

That’s when the 2nd phase of work comes in. You have to stay on their radar screen.

It’s not easy. Continually “checking in” and “touching base” makes you a total pain in the butt; you know what I mean.

And then they’ll stop taking your calls and replying to your email.

It’s bye-bye client.

But there’s a way to stay in touch, continue to add value to the relationship even though there is NOTHING. GOING. ON.

One of my dormant accounts just reconnected and signed on for a big sales training project.

I used tried and true tactics to keep them close to me and wanting more.

I love it when that happens. Dormant accounts. Assuming they already love and respect you, it’s a whole lot easier than winning business from a brand-new client.

I like easy. Let’s hear it for dormant accounts.

Wanna know how to stay visible and on the radar screen of clients for the long haul and in-between projects?

Use the three I's! Introductions, information, and invitations deployed strategically during the time when you and the client are not working together. You stay visible, add value, and are not perceived as a pain in the butt.

It's quite simple and foolproof if executed with the right spirit and objectives in mind.

Give it a try. There's absolutely nothing to lose, and what you can gain is the client's interest in working with you again once a need arises.

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