• Adrian Miller

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Cue up the band and bring out Pat Benatar. Yep, Hit Me With Your Best Shot because that’s what it’s like when you jump on the Zoom bandwagon.

Now, I hate to be harsh but as veteran of so very many Zooms, I have truly seen the good, the bad and the ugly. And so have you!

For your consideration, take note of the following:

It’s more important for me to look at my phone than look and listen to the people on the call

You know this one. This is the participant that refuses to look up from their device, choosing to text and read, rather than smile, listen, and communicate. They are hell bent on handling what is coming in on their phone rather than dealing with what is happening on the call.

I have to eat, don’t I?

Sure it might be pretty gross to be pushing food into my mouth while I’m on a Zoom, but heck, I’m hungry. How about I just turn off the camera for the duration of the call?

I’m so tired I just need to zone out a bit

I've been working hard and so if it seems like I've nodded off, I probably have. That's understandable, right?

I’m going to sell you no matter what

I’m pumped, I’m engaged and I’m ready to sell like crazy in the chat, and who cares if someone else is doing a presentation or speaking to the group. Heck, it's okay to be aggressive, isn’t it?

I know it seems harsh, but meeting etiquette should be followed even if the meeting is on the screen.


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