• Adrian Miller

Hey, I Never Heard Back From You.

I just received an email from someone who connected with me right at the start of the pandemic. I said I was interested in their service but was needed a little time to settle into the current reality. And then, of course, I forgot all about them as I readjusted to our new normal. Apparently they forgot about me too because I never heard from them again until right now! Their email started with “we haven’t heard from you in awhile” and all I could think was WTF, aren’t they trying to get my business? Were they waiting for me to call and beg for it? Perhaps I’m over-reacting, but humor me. The way I see it is when someone is trying to get my business it’s their job to woo, win and wow me, the prospective customer, not forget about me and reconnect 7 mos later. Best strategy: Add value to the relationship even before there is real business. Use the 3 I’s (introductions, invitations, and information) to become a valuable resource. Never make the prospect feel as if they should have called you.

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