Hello, It's Me.

I keep seeing the word "authentic" popping up everywhere.

We want to present our authentic selves, we want our work to be authentic, we want authenticity in our relationships.

I get it.

It used to be that we got "called out" if we were phony and if our friends, family, clients, and business associates couldn't trust a word that we said.

I don't think people thought that we weren't being authentic. The word wasn't part of the lexicon.

But it sure is now.

Funny thing, the more someone tries to convince me that they are being authentic, the more I back off. Is it a case of "the lady doth protest too much, methinks"?

I say, be careful.

Of course be authentic, but show your authenticity in your actions and not in empty words cuz ya know, that's not being authentic, is it?

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