Going to the Bathroom in Japan

Making something accessible and simple out of something complicated is a great skill to have.

The Japanese...whoa...they have it in spades.

Their toilets, for instance. True marvels, and often works of art. The Toto will flush in a variety of ways, it plays music, it has a white sound option to drown out, well, you know, it has a seat warmer....but the plain old flushing part was beyond me when I was there because I didn't know the language. Which little button to push for the main act, ya know. The music, well, that could come afterwards if I wanted entertainment while washing my hands.

I loved their little directions for the most important things. Flush. The thing they wanted me to do most:)

I love Japan, their cleanliness, courtesy, and willingness to help a poor non-Japanese speaking Caucasian find her way through the vastness of Tokyo, never once feeling lost or nervous.

Do you help your prospects to not feel lost as they navigate your offers. Sometimes we're endlessly confusing, and there's no "flush" to point the way and help them take the action we want them to take.

Keep it simple, keep it smart, make it beautiful.

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