Getting Potty Trained is Hard

Learning to be potty trained is hard work, but you probably don't remember it at all.

Perhaps there are a few embarrassing pictures floating around, but nope, you don’t remember any of it.

I’m watching my Grandbaby go through the process now.

It’s no fun at all; in fact, for her, it’s downright scary, but if she sticks with it, she will eventually be successful and be one step more socialized.

Sticking with it. When we’re babies we stick with pretty much everything, and that’s how we learn to walk, eat by ourselves, read, talk and yes, use the toilet.

Babies and toddlers just don’t give up.

Many adults do.

As we leave what was possibly the worst year in our collective existence and head into the next, set just one goal - to try harder and NOT. GIVE. UP.

Persistence and tenacity are qualities to admire.

Own them. Practice them.

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