• Adrian Miller

Easing Your Way Into It

Updated: Jun 15

Sometimes it's smart to move cautiously, to check out what's going on, and test the proverbial water, BEFORE making a move.

Being impetuous can lead to trouble as I've learned the hard way. Over my 3 decades in business, I've had my fair share of bright shiny objects that were too good to be true, however, I acted anyway, not taking my time to assess the situation.

Not this little human. Never before being at a splash pad, she decided that she'd make her way slowly, being careful of both the other kids and the water that would gush up when she least expected it. (Note the blue dome to her right.)

It was interesting to watch and I learned from this little one - take your time Adrian, not everything is as fun as it looks. Stand and observe before jumping in and make certain you know how to get out too.

Toddler wisdom!

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