Don't Become Extinct

Crazy times, right. Social distancing, shelter in place and pretty much every meeting, event or gathering of 10 or more people has been canceled. Zoom has become the darling of these times and I bet more than a few people wish they had bought stock in the company.

But I digress. This isn’t about buying stock; this is about surviving and even thriving in these uncertain times!

This isn’t the time to become frozen in fear. It’s the exact opposite. This is the time to be bold, be visible, be out there and create offers and programs that people need and want.

Disappearing from sight because you are “wondering what to do” is exactly the wrong thing to do because your disappearance allows the competition to show up and appear even more brightly in the marketplace.

Content, sales strategy, branding, and marketing, examine them all and see just where a tune-up may be required. Then get to work and start creating or bring in an outside resource to handle it for you.

The question isn't "should you be engaged in sales and marketing at this time," it's really more a case of how will you execute the work and how fast?

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