Don’t assume everyone will read whatever you write

There’s a saying that when you assume you make an ass out of u and me. The simple truth is that you might be the smartest person in the room, but you have to earn the right to be read.

Content has a job to do. But if it doesn’t get read, it does nothing. Actually, a little less than nothing.

Content is your investment in your future. You want to “open the kimono” and let prospects and customers in on your line of thinking, on how you can help them solve their issues.

However, if the content is not read, it becomes a bump in the road, something you put in your prospect’s the way, which slowed them down instead of speeding them up. If anything, it was annoying. Not a good investment.

You may think you’re brilliant and insightful, that your prospects will line up for the pearls that emerge from your keyboard (your mom will read it). You must earn the right to be read, and the arbiter is your prospect (not your mom).

Here’s where you start

To earn the right to be read, one needs a content strategy that responds to these three questions that are in every prospect’s mind:

1. Who are you? What is your credibility? Should I trust you?.

2. Why should I care? What is your reputation? How does this relate to my business?

3. What’s in it for me? (Do I have to explain this one?)

If the answers are not immediate and transparent and infused in every bit of content, the potential reader has potential no longer.

The secret sauce

There are 2 ingredients.

The first is understanding your prospect, not as a target or a title or a cohort or a segment, but with empathy. Each prospect is an individual with a personal and professional life, each with its own goals that may intertwine or conflict. By understanding their motivations and the pressures of their responsibilities you can provide the content that enables them to make a decision.

The second is experience. The ability to create concise, compelling content does not spring from your thigh fully-grown because you’re so smart. It’s a craft that starts with talent, but then tempers it with experience.

The experience we bring to the table is, in fact, the secret sauce blended and served-up. We have the track record to help you make content your secret weapon.

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