• Adrian Miller

Do Your Clients and Prospects Know the "Real" You?

I'm pretty transparent. What you see is what you get and there's no artifice. I don't know how.

So, when I post on LinkedIn, I tell it like it is and you get to see / know the "real" me. The same holds true when I'm speaking with prospects and clients, although I might have to be a bit "circumspect" about certain things.

But truthful, always, and also willing to let myself be open to criticism.

I am who I am and it seems difficult to go through life any other way.

I understand when people feel the need to hide who they are, fearful of potential backlash or rejection and I know it must be tough to be who you are not.

I know that I'm not for everyone, but I think there are enough people that "get me" and that makes it easier to be honest.

The best thing I ever did was to figure out who I would "appeal" to and then go after them. I found that it was easier to demonstrate value, generate interest and enthusiasm, and ultimately to win and retain them too.

So, let the "real" you shine through. It's easier and ultimately a more successful strategy in the long term.

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