Dispatches From the Networking Frontline

I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about networking and I must say that each day I experience the high from having a truly super-duper conversation to the low when I am speaking with an individual seemingly oblivious to basic social etiquette, forget about the niceties associated with 1st class networking.

Please don’t think me pompous. I birthed and run a very robust and successful networking community comprised of hundreds of members not to mention having a Mom that was a stickler for the social graces. But I digress:

Stop trying to sell me your stuff. I am so much more valuable to you as a person that can make intros rather than a customer, so let’s explore our synergies, learn about what makes us tick, find out about our backstories & build rapport.

Be proactive. I mean, make intros because you believe the people share interests, could make intros for each other, could bring each speaking opportunities-you get it. If they start to do work with each other, even better but that’s the dessert.

Be gracious. Thank you notes, calls & emails where you express thanks for an introduction or help offered would go a long way to the sustainability of the relationship.

It goes without saying that networking is a contact sport. Want to connect?

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